Stuziwon–M officially opened at Samseoung, Gangnam, Seoul. Korea operated by two directors hold B.F.A, M.A, and M.F.A in Graphic Design and Illustration Design, with multiple secondary study fields such as Drawing, Ceramics, and sculpture.

DESIGN: Print/Identity/Screen/Media/Package
Stuziwon M is full-service graphic design studio, handles Book publish, Typography, Page Layout, Brochure, Press-kit, Booklet, HTML and Interactive media, Package, Logo, Name card, Poster, Ad Campaign, Branding, Showcase, and more.

ILLUSTRATION: Traditional/Ink/Wash/Paint/Mixed & Digital
Stuziwon M produces professional quality traditional and digital illustrations of both vector and raster . All of our illustrations are begin from the scratches; we want to use not only artistic talent but also creative concept for our illustrations.

IMAGE: Digital Imagery/Digital Photography
Stuziwon M handles all different types of digital images. We take own photography, and also create new images by minipulating many kind of pixel and vector based media to create digital imagery and digital photography.