Jiwon Kim

B.F.A, M.A, M.F.A, Creative Director

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and went to Kyung Gi High school, and he started Fine Art practice, major in Visual Communication. In 1994, after he graduated high school, he changed his major to Sculpture, and went to University of Suwon at Suwon, Kyung Gi Do. During the college year, he recruited by Korean Army, and went to Korean Army School of Military and Technology, and served a squad Leader at 37 division Headquarter of Korean Army, and Jiwon Kim left his hometown in 1998 to move to Macomb, Illinois to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Drawing at Western Illinois University. While at WIU, Jiwon won numerous art awards and grants. Continuing his education, Kim has taught in different schools and environments, served as Creative Director in the private sector and exhibited art and design work in Seoul, Taipei, Istanbul, and Syracuse University.

After he holds the BFA, he went to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to accomplish better career in Teaching and Graphic Design field. Before he graduate SCAD with the Master of Fine Arts, he started working as a creative director for a design studio at Georiga to serve many clients, and continuing his education, Jiwon completed the Master of Art in Illustration Design and the Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Savanna College of Art and Design. After he finished his degrees, he opened the Stuziwon M with Mihyun Chung at Seoul, Korea, and split his time between teaching in University and graphic design in Stuziwon M.

"We are graphic designers, and visual communicators who have been raised in a world in, which the techniques and apparatus of advertising have persistently been taught to be us as the most lucrative, effective, and desirable use of our talents. Designers are no longer truly perceived as the artist because money hungry designers who just click the mouse are in everywhere. I don’t want to be a money hungry designer like the everyday designer, so I will do governing my doctrines. I will learn, think, explore other edges, collaborate with others, study more, and make my own tools for design, then become a different designer than others. Even if consumerism of Graphic Design demands the everyday designers, we, professional graphic designers demand that the true graphic designer differentiate from the never learned and unprofessional computer person who sets up documents in software for follow the money."