Conceptual Book Design: There are many ways to create motion in print. With innovative idea of graphic design elements and application of type on print, it can be interactive and dynamic for the viewer. With strong visual concept and message, the form of structure and application of type can create motion of type on the printed page. For creating interactive on the print, they must give abilities of moving, seeing, doing, reading and if they have 3–dimensional treatment, it will be more dynamic. So, my conclusion is print based static typography can be interactive. More innovative application of type on the printed pages can produce dynamic result for the viewer, in much the same way as type in motion.

Print is not dead. It’s still alive and it will never disappear, because eternal life of the print is all about the real communication. When the power of typography merges with interactive and dynamic elements, typography can be as interactive on the printed page as it is in motion and time based media.

This project explores new interactive and dynamic typography in print. To prove my points, I compare the print with new time based media in motion. Later, it discovers the disadvantage and advantage of type on the screen. And determination of situation in typography on both media covered critical thinking of design. Later, definition of true interactivity and dynamic applies type on the print. Last, my study approaches typography on print at the same level of interactive and dynamic type in motion and multimedia.